Nutrition information

Issue: BCMJ, Vol. 52, No. 7, September 2010, page(s) 377 Pulsimeter

Dietitian Services at HealthLink BC (formerly Dial-A-Dietitian) provides free nutrition information and advice by telephone, online, and print to address a wide variety of your pa­tients’ nutritional concerns. All information provided is up-to-date and evidence-based. 

The goal is to provide current, accurate, and understandable nutrition information, counseling, and advice that can help patients maintain or improve their health. More than 100 consumer nutrition-based brochures and 22 nutrition topics can be found on the HealthLinkBC website at

By telephoning 811, British Co­lumbians have quick access to and can speak directly with a registered dietitian who will provide brief nutrition consultation by phone. If callers require more in-depth counseling or follow-up, they will be guided to hospital outpatient dietitians or other nutrition services in their community. 

Dietitian Services also operates two clinical specialty services—oncology and food allergies. The Oncology Nutrition Service provides cancer-focused nutrition education and counseling for cancer prevention; for nutrition before, during, and after cancer treatment; to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence; and to improve quality of life. 

The Allergy Nutrition Services offers food allergy-focused nutrition education and counseling. Care provided ranges from helping callers understand the recent scien­tific evidence on allergy prevention strategies for infants to helping individuals and families with multiple food allergies eat well.

Dietitian Services is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Interpreter services are available in over 130 languages. More information can be found at