Medical audit inspectors needed

Issue: BCMJ, Vol. 52, No. 7, September 2010, page(s) 367 Pulsimeter

Audit inspection positions are available for:

• General practitioners
• Urologists
• Anesthesiologists
• Dermatologists
• Emergency medicine
• Orthopaedic surgeons
• Obstetrics and gynecologists
• Physiatrists 

Candidates should:
• Have practices that fall within the accepted standards of the profession or generally designated by the Patterns of Practice Committee (POPC). 

• Be supportive of the policies and principles of the POPC and licensing body. 

• Be prepared to sign reports which may ultimately lead to a colleague having to pay back funds to the Medical Services Plan.

• Be prepared to act as a witness before an Audit Hearing Panel. 

• Be prepared to travel in order to conduct audits or attend hearings. 

• Be prepared to attend inspector training/orientation sessions. 

Inspectors are paid an hourly rate derived from the hourly equivalent of the BCMA’s sessional rate for medical practitioners or specialists. 

In addition, Audit Hearing Panel representatives are required for:
• Pediatrics
• Psychiatry
• General practice 

A CV is required for all candidates. If you are interested, please contact professional relations manager Ms Juanita Grant at 604 638-2829, or e-mail