EMR web site

Issue: BCMJ, Vol. 49, No. 10, December 2007, page(s) 536 Pulsimeter
Alan Brookstone, MD

The CanadianEMR web site is a free resource for BC physicians. The site has a number of useful features:

• An EMR comparison engine. This tool allows physicians to compare EMRs quickly and easily in one location without having to go to each vendor individually, get their materials, and do a manual comparison. Key comparison categories have already been identified. 

• An e-mail feature. This feature allows you to e-mail a side-by-side comparison to one or more colleagues to facilitate sharing and decision making.

• An EMR five-star rating system. Physicians who are already users can rate their experience with the EMR. This provides physicians with reliable information about user experiences with a particular EMR. 

• An education centre is currently in development. This process is still early and groups will have an opportunity to provide input and influence how the centre will function in terms of providing educational programming and support to clinicians who are either making a decision to purchase a system or want to enhance their use of their EMR.

• The CanadianEMR blog. This web log has been fully integrated into the web site and will continue to be a moderated and important component of the site to facilitate discussion on key topics across the country relating to EMR.

—Alan Brookstone, MD
Founder, CanadianEMR