Dr Hugh Richard Williams

Issue: BCMJ, Vol. 52, No. 7, September 2010, page(s) 339 Obituaries
Kenneth G. Atkinson, MD

Dr Hugh Richard Williams passed away in May 2010, after a 21/2-year battle with cancer. Hugh was born in Winnipeg and grew up there, completing his medical studies at the University of Manitoba. 

Hugh established a family medical practice in Port Moody. He later became the clinical director for the Narcotics Addiction Foundation in Vancouver. Following this he served as a physician with the Public Service Health Department of the federal government until his retirement. 

Hugh enjoyed many opportunities to travel. On a trip to Italy Hugh first met the love of his life, Dorothy-mae Charles, who was studying music in Milano. Later in Vancouver they married, sharing a further 27 years together.

During his battle with cancer, especially during his later confinement, loving care from Dorothy-mae and his nephews allowed him to remain at home.
—Kenneth G. Atkinson, MD