DriveABLE no longer used by RoadSafetyBC to assess drivers

Issue: BCMJ, Vol. 60, No. 2, March 2018, page(s) 86 News

As of 1 March, DriveABLE assessments will no longer be used by RoadSafetyBC to make licensing decisions; it will be replaced by a new Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) administered by ICBC. 

The ERA will also replace the existing RoadSafetyBC referred Class 5 and Class 7 road test re-examinations currently conducted by ICBC. When a driving assessment is required to make a licensing decision, the ERA will be used by RoadSafetyBC to evaluate drivers of any age with a cognitive, motor, or visual deficit. It consists of a pre-trip vehicle orientation, on-road drive with a feedback component, and post-trip review. There is no in-office computer-based screening component, and the ERA will be administered in a driver’s own vehicle, at no cost to the driver.

In real-world driving, drivers need to self-navigate without assistance and adapt to unexpected changes in a familiar route. Unlike a traditional road test where the driver is guided in a structured environment, the ERA has tasks that are similar to the cognitive workload of real-world driving. The driver’s ability to complete these tasks and simultaneously maintain the basic driving skills are evaluated by the driver examiner.

The results of the ERA will be reviewed by RoadSafetyBC, along with all other information related to the driver’s medical fitness to drive in order to make a licensing decision.

Commercial drivers requiring an on-road driving assessment will continue to be referred for a commercial-class ICBC road test re-examination. There is no change to the age 80 Driver Medical Examination Report process.

For more information on the ERA, including Q&As for medical professionals, please visit: