Re: Opioid prescribing. The president replies

Issue: BCMJ, Vol. 58, No. 10, December 2016, page(s) 552-553 Letters
Alan Ruddiman, MBBCh, Dip PEMP, FRRMS

I wish to state that the President’s Comment I wrote for the October BCMJ [2016;58:439,441] on the topic of opioid prescribing was singularly my perspective, as a practising generalist physician and active member of the profession, not necessarily the official position of Doctors of BC. Presidents who serve the association are given this forum to communicate with members—that is the nature of the President’s Comment. I had hoped my comments would encourage a robust discussion among members, which is now taking place. Our members’ views will be considered when this topic is fully discussed with the Board of Directors to determine your association’s official position now and in the future.
—Alan Ruddiman, MBBCh, Dip PEMP, FRRMS
Doctors of BC President