What your colleagues are reading

Issue: BCMJ, Vol. 59, No. 8, October 2017, page(s) 399 College Library
Niki Baumann

How do you quickly sort through the copious medical literature to find a few articles that will really impact your decisions? One way is to see what your colleagues thought was worth reading.

This Changed My Practice
On this award-winning blog, BC doctors can share insights and learn from each other. The concise format is perfect for the busy clinician, and references have links to full text where available. (You may have to log in through the College Library or UBC Library.) Both the College of Family Physicians of Canada and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada provide CME credits for reading blog entries. Select your specialty on the right-hand side, or just scroll through the blog to see what’s new. http://thischangedmypractice.com

McMaster’s EvidenceAlerts
Staff at McMaster University review over 120 clinical journals and evaluate the articles for quality. The selected articles are then rated by at least three physicians, and only those of greatest relevance and newsworthiness are included in the e‑mail alerts. This service is free but requires you to create an account where you can indicate your specialties of interest and select how often you would like to receive alerts. https://plus.mcmaster.ca/evidencealerts

Read by QxMD
This app highlights new articles in topics or journals that you follow. When creating a Read account, you select a specialty (under Account Details in the app, My Profile on the web). By default, your account is set to receive the week’s most read or most popular articles in your selected specialty. To create an account, go to www.cpsbc.ca/library/search-materials/databases.
—Niki Baumann

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