CME Calendar of Events Advertising

To advertise upcoming CME events, contact:
Kashmira Suraliwalla
Tel: 604 638-2815

CME Calendar of Events listings are published in the print BCMJ and online on the BCMJ website.

The CME Calendar of Events listings on the BCMJ website are updated weekly. When the print deadline for the month has been missed, the website listings provide clients with a post-deadline advertising option.

$75 plus GST for a maximum of 150 words.

The fee is for 1 to 30 days and is the same whether the ad appears only online, only in print, or on both platforms. There are no partial rates.

Online: Every Thursday (listings are posted every Friday).
Print: The first of the month 1 month prior to the issue in which you want your notice to appear (e.g., 1 April for the May issue).

Please provide the billing address and your complete contact information.

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